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Fortnite Free V Bucks Generator 2019

Everyone wants those free v bucks. Well, today it’s your lucky day. Read and follow the instructions on our website and learn how to use the Free V bucks generator.

the Free V Bucks Generator guide

Can you get free v bucks in Fortnite?

Yes! Here’s a working v bucks generator I’m using:

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Since the release of the Battle Royale Playgrounds. Fortnite the game developed by Epic Games, has turned into the most popular game in the world. Thousands of new players are signing up each week to master this co-op sandbow survival video game. V-bucks are the most valuable resources in the game. It is used to unlock premium in-game features like cosmetic upgrades like: Raven, Dark Vanguard, Rex and Raptor. But you can also unlock awesome dancing moves like the: Electro Shuffle, Fresh and the famous Dab.

The game is divided into two seperate gaming modes: Save the world (PVE) and Battle Royale (PVP). in the PVE Campaign you can use V-bucks to purchase Pinata Llamas you can smash them to randomly win epic and legendary weapons and heroes. Sometimes you receive really good items and sometimes you don’t.

In Battle Royale, V-bucks are used to purchase non-performance upgrades like skins and dancing moves. You can change the looks of your pickaxe, glider or character. This way you can customize the way opponents view you in the lobby and during battle. The lobby is a great place to show your unique dances.

Tasks you can do for free V Bucks

The Fortnite Bucks are the coins you will use in the game to buy skins, weapons, and such accessories. Since Epic Games has brought such a quality game for free, you may be thinking how can they actually afford this? Developing such a big game with a stable server and great graphics is expensive, especially if it has such a good story. So to recover some of the money invested, they not only work with advertising, they also include game extras that you can buy in your country’s coin.

These extras can only be purchased after you buy Fortnite Bucks, they cost from $5 to $150. Even though they are not expensive at all, especially if you only buy cheap items, some gamers really can’t afford them. So to help them to improve their looks in game, we have gathered all the information you need to get those v-bucks for free. Yes, you read right, for free. We will talk about the fortnite free v bucks generator later in the post, but for the moment, let’s stick to the many ways you can earn v-bucks just by playing.

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Log In Every Day

Epic Games wants you to keep playing because they need a stable data base of regular players in order to dominate the videogame industry. So instead of asking you to do this, they give you rewards. Logging into the game daily is the easiest way of getting v-bucks, but it is also the slowest one. Every time you log in, you receive a small amount of the game’s currency. On special events they can give you twice the amount of Fortnite bucks, so make sure to log in daily and subscribe to their newsletter to know when these events will take place.

Complete Quests

The game has daily quests for those gamers that get bored easily, you can pass them by yourself or with friends, they are very short and the reward is 50 to 100 Fortnite bucks. It’s not much, but it’s a good way to spend the time, make bucks, and have a good afternoon indoors. Complete the Side Quests and Other Challenges Fortnite is popular because it’s a multiplayer game and has an open world arena. But you don’t only get in and start battling other players, you have side quests and challenges. The side quests and challenges unlock with time, don’t expect to complete them all in one night. Otherwise, where’s the fun in it?

Every time you complete a quest or challenge you will receive between 50 to 150 fortnite bucks. But not all of them will give you this reward immediately, some quests and challenges have two or three parts. IT may sound a bit exhausting at first, but the harder the challenge, the better the reward will be. Basically, if you manage to complete one quest and 10 challenges in two or three weeks, you will get around 300 Fortnite bucks. Since 1000 v-bucks cost $10, you are saving so money while having fun. It’s a win-win situation.

Play the Storm Shield Time Missions

Contrary to the side quests and challenges, the Storm Shield missions unlock once you start playing for the first time. The Storm Shield is, essentially, a map where players are allowed to create their permanent base. There you can store items or build them. Depending on your game area and your level, you can find up to six missions. They all give you 100 v-bucks once you complete them. It is better if you do them in order, otherwise you could end up wasting a lot of time trying to complete a mission for a particular level when you don’t have it.

Participate in Fortnite Events

Just like many other multiplayer games, Fortnite also has special events to pamper the community. It is always better to play with friends, and if you don’t have any close friend who plays, you can always make one inside the platform. Participate in the events and get Fortnite bucks as a reward! Who knows, maybe they give you an item or skin directly instead of the v-bucks. Generally speaking, these events have their quest lines, so they may be considered tiny challenges.

Are There Any Real Free V Bucks Generator ?

This is a question many Fortnite players ask frequently, so we decided to dive in and find an answer. Whenever you Google Fortnite bucks generator you will see many pages that may look “suspicious”, meaning: a poor web design, not much info about how to get the v-bucks, and some even dare to ask for personal information before asking how many v-coins you want. If there is a Fortnite bucks generator in town, we still don’t know about it. So chances are that if you click any of those sites, it will be a scam.

We have shown you how easy it is to get Fortnite bucks by simply playing, so we strongly encourage you to avoid these generators and just keep playing. If you enter your account’s information into these strange sites, chances are you may end up losing the profile. And if you prefer to buy Fortnite bucks for half the price they show you in the original webpage, you may be facing even a greater scam, because they will have your credit card’s information. So please play safe and have a good time in the arena, start facing quests and don’t forget to have fun!